Photos Matter for Online Dating

You sign up with a social media  site, create your profile, but no matter what you write about yourself, your photo makes the strongest impression in your online profile.  The dating site, OKCupid published this article "Dating Deserves Better" a long time ago about the effectiveness of profile photos in online dating. It was true in 2009 and it's still true in 2018.

The OkCupid writer provides a universal "truth of online dating: no matter how much time you spend polishing your profile, honing your IM banter, and perfecting your message introductions, it’s your picture that matters most."  It was true when they published it and it's even truer today with social media use even more widespread. You need a complete profile to be successful and the shiny beacon to attract visitors is your profile image.

The idiom, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" was never truer than today in our culture of the swipe left or right world of online dating.  Attractiveness, sexyness, or beautiful are very subjective terms and the "special something" that "catches the eye of the beholder" varies from person to person.  It makes sense to stack the deck in your favor, right?  So, why rely on a poorly lit, hastily composed, cell-phone-selfie to make your lasting first impression?

A while back, I had a divorced client a request a photo session to update her social media images that she said were ineffective. She specifically asked for a portrait for her online dating profile.  Several weeks later, she emailed me:

"I love the new photos.  Since I posted them, I've met someone online and we have started going out.  Honestly, I didn't think it would happen this quick.  ~ Sandra

Quality photos help you make a great first impression. Let us help you with an image update to stack the online dating odds in your favor.

A Profile Photo Attracts More Views

How do you make a good first impression on social media platforms (like LinkedIn, Facebook, Tinder, Match, or your own website)?  For starters, have a profile photo because many articles on the topic tell us a profile without a photo is less likely to viewed than those with photos.  This Forbes article from Marcia Layton Turner lists 8 Ways to be more effective on LinkedIn.  Her leading tip, "a current, professional headshot."  She closes the article by saying profiles with photos are 21 times more likely to be viewed.

If having a profile photo just doubled the chances of potential client viewing your profile, that would be helpful.  At 21 times more likely, a quality profile photo is worthwhile expense for making a great first impression.  Whether your goal is networking, job hunting, or date finding; it pays to make an investment in quality, professional portraits.  

To close with quote from Tom Humbarger’s Social Media Musings blog, there is this:

The worst thing you can do on LinkedIn is to not have a profile picture, and the second worst thing you can do is have a profile picture that leaves an unprofessional impression…

The simplest advice is to look at your photo and ask yourself, would you hire this person?

Do you want to make a great impression?   Visit our scheduling page and set up a session to upgrade your social media presence today.

Update Your Image in 2018

It's a New Year and with so many economic indicators on the rise, this is a great time to update your headshot. Now days, it seems everyone has some sort of online presence be it for business use, personal, or the many ways to use social media.  The important thing is you have to manage your image and that starts with updating it to keep a fresh look.

The digital age has given everyone a bit of celebrity in their lives. No longer are professional headshots the exclusive need for celebrities.  Anyone with a social media presence should consider their image as their brand.  That social media photo is the first impression potential customers, clients, or employers get of you. Don't let an outdated image hold you back!

For 2018, wants to give you a leg up on the competition.  For starters, we are rolling out new, simplified pricing. Look for changes to the website in the coming days. We are offering two headshots for just $150. No cutting corners, you get to pick out your two favorite images at the session and we will have them ready the next day. Need more variety, we will continue to offer the longer sessions where we take more photos to give you even more options for your final images.  




Affordable Can Mean Quality

Affordable Headshots Can Mean Quality Headshots

Everyone loves a deal. The best deals provide a combination of high quality along with an affordable price.  This combination works and it applies to many situations. Some people call it price shopping while others call it deal hunting. Getting your updated headshot is no different.

Many photographers offer headshots as a sideline option for their photography business.  This also means there are variations in price and quality when you on the web checking the various websites.

You will find many options for how photographers light the images as well as varying levels of quality. The way light is used separates the unprofessional “cell phone selfie” from professionally lit portraits.  We want to eliminate the “cell phone selfie” look for 2018.

By getting a professional headshot photographer, you get great lighting. Additionally, you get a photographer with experience capturing expressive looks and conveying emotion in your images. All you have to provide is the wardrobe for your headshot look.  Even there, a professional headshot photographer can help you pair parts of your ensemble for the best look.

At you will get affordable headshots that are quality headshots.

You Need Fresh Images

You invest in your company to make grow and for it to become successful.  The same way you invest in your business, you must also invest in yourself and your team to develop an image to support the business branding you work to create.  The best way to do that is by having professionally created, business headshots that portrays an image to future clients that projects you, your business, and shows both at your best.  

Now more than every, the importance of a good looking, professional image cannot be underestimated.  The internet dominates how customers find your business. Social Media determines how those customers see you and faster than you can swipe left or swipe right, those potential clients make an instantaneous buy/don't buy decision. Your profile needs to be one that conveys who you are, is a current image of you, and does not look like a cheap cell phone selfie.

How does a professional headshot help you? For starters, it looks great and it's a recent image of you. Many times, people use a years old image which makes it harder for people to recognize you.  A current, professional headshot adds a level of authenticity to your business by showing you care about your personal image and your business image.

A professional headshot from Headshot MKE is for all the managers and leaders in your business who deal with the public.  Headshots are no longer just for corporate executives.  Today's customers want to put a face with the name of that person they talk with on the phone in your business.  You need professional headshots for your key people for your company website, for your social media outreach, and for your marketing plan.

Lazy Entrepreneurs

By their nature, entrepreneurs are resilient and self motivated because they are responsible for their success or failures.  If these business owners were not self motivated, they could just work for someone else. But, it is almost 2018 and there are many small business entrepreneurs who seem to give their online presence a low priority.

One of the many keys to success for small businesses is the ability to self promote.  If self promotion is a low priority, how are your potential customers going to find you?  Also, if you are not keeping your online presence fresh with updated content; why are your existing customers going to want to continue doing business with you?

When it comes to self promotion, you need certain goals.  Obviously, you want people to notice you and then want to do business with you. The various social media pages like Linked In or Facebook plus your own company webpage are way to be relevant online. These are conduits for customers to find your business.  It’s also a way to reassure customers that you are a viable and thriving business that will fit their needs.

One of the easiest ways to show customers that your business is the one for them is to have a professional look.  For most people, it’s hard enough to just get a new page up and going as a single page website or a simple page on Facebook.  Having that professional look begins with having good looking images that support your vision and project the business image you want people to see when they view your company online.

Foremost, you want that online presence to project your company as the only one for that customer.  This means the online presence must be professional and it must showcase your skill, product, or company in a positive way.  This is a corner stone to the foundation for building a positive public profile that enables your company to attract online traffic and the search engines that determine your probability of new customers finding you.


This is where can help.  Starting with professional business portraits along with a selection of environmental portraits to showcase your company; you can have a selection of images to put into a rotation for keeping your online presence fresh.  By regularly updating the website or social media pages, you are presenting a fresh look when visitors view your company online.

Here is a bit of homework, use your favorite search engine to find businesses like yours or ones you admire. Then, visit their pages to make notes for you improve your online presence.  For starters, make a note of your first impression of the pages.  Too little information, too much information, too cluttered and confusing are typical first impressions.  Note the photos, see if the images are clear, professional looking, and if the skin tones appear correct. If the images have a blue, green, orange, or yellow tint, that possibly means those are cell phone snapshots.    While viewing competitor pages, not if any have photos that are out of focus or images that just don’t fit with the theme or image that company attempts to project. Now, once you view a few other companies; have a look at your own company pages using those same filters.  This should give you an idea of how your online presence stacks up to other businesses.

It is almost 2018, small business entrepreneurs need to give their online presence a higher priority.  With the ease of creating a company page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the simple one page options for company websites; there is no reason to be a lazy entrepreneur.  

Six Ways Your Headshot May Fail You

There is no denying the importance of the internet and social media for connecting with existing customers and attracting new ones. Just twenty years ago, the only people who needed headshots were business executives or the professional leaders of the company. Today, things are different. Customers want to get to know your company before doing business. So, that begs the question; is your headshot supporting and advancing your company and is it helping build your desired business image?

More and more customer service representatives and even mid-level managers are getting headshots to be that local face for companies with multiple locations. This increases the importance of having a good looking headshot for display in the customer waiting area, on the website, or for corporate reports. A quality professional headshot conveys a positive image and demonstrates you are proud of the business which sends a strong signal to potential clients that you pay attention to details.

When building a business brand or personal image, you need a good looking, quality headshot that supports your vision of the business and its image. Here are six ways that a headshot can fail to uphold your business image.

1. The cell-phone quickie. When you need something bad, there is a high probability you will get something bad. The cell phone headshot is a classic case study for being poorly lit and at an awkward angle. But, so many company websites are filled with these examples.

2. Hocus-Focus, the photo looks blurry. If you think the photo is a little bit blurry, but it’s good enough; that is not sending the professional image you want to convey. The potential client is probably wondering what else you think will be just good enough.

3. The working photo. It’s one thing to have an environmental portrait with a recognizable company feature in the background, but the busy executive on the phone is so 1980’s and so is the office photo with mounds of clutter in the background. In the 21st Century, let’s create a quality image that shows you are a professional not just busy at that moment.

4. The Party Shot. Yes, your co-worker did get a nice snapshot of you at that last company outing, but is that really the company image or is its best use as a fun, party shot for the company newsletter? 

5. The not-a-headshot headshot. If you customers cannot see your face clearly, that is not a real headshot. A true professional headshot is going to be head and shoulders, with clear focus, and allows people to your company through the image you put on display for the world to see. That heavily cropped, full length photo is not a good headshot.

6. The "that’s how old?” photograph. It may have been a good headshot in another decade, but is it doing justice for you today? If your headshot is more than a year old, you have to question the effectiveness of that older photo as people’s looks change and so do hairstyles. You want the headshot to support the current business brand and image not show "what was" years ago. 

Don’t let poor quality headshots hold your business back. Take a look at company photos on display and online to see if any of those images fall into one of these six epic failure categories. At, we understand that you have a vision for your business and our job is helping convey that vision as a professional image supporting your business brand.

Larry is a professional photographer and owner at